Hearing Aid funding options

We can work with you and see if you qualify for funding. There are several funding options available for hearing aids. Hearing Auckland is experienced with all funding options.

The Ministry of Health provides subsidies of between $511.11 (1 aid) and $1,022.22        (2 aids) for those without access to other funding. You are eligible to apply for a subsidy once every 6 years.

Ministry of Health Funding for hearing aids may be available to Community Card holders who:

  • Work more than 30 hours per week
  • Volunteer over 20 hours per week
  • Are over 21 & study full time
  • Are caring full time for a dependent person
  • Are registered as seeking employment
  • Have suffered from hearing loss since childhood

Veteran’s Affairs NZ For those who have served in the NZ Defence Forces & have been exposed to noise induced hearing loss, funding may be available.  For further information, contact veterans Affairs NZ on 0800 483 8372.

ACC Funding If you have acquired a hearing loss from working in a noisy environment

Work and Income NZ If you are on a low income or benefit, help for costs related to hearing loss may be available from WINZ. Contact your local WINZ office.

Health Insurance Your hearing loss solution may be covered by your private health insurance policy. Hearing Auckland is experienced in working with all major insurance companies.

Iwi funding Contact your local Iwi as some Iwi offer subsidy funding for hearing Aids.