Full Audiology Clinic (Including hearing aid fitting)

Free 20 minute hearing check (Worth $59)

This is a good place to start if you have any hearing concerns. This free hearing screening check will help us identify whether you have a hearing loss and, if required, we can recommend solutions to complement your lifestyle and budget.

FREE 30 minute consultation

With our clinical staff, including our audiologist and hearing therapist, to assist any members of the public who are looking for information or advice on hearing loss matters in general, or who are having to make a decision about hearing loss solutions and who want to get some independent advice about the solutions that have been offered to them.

Diagnostic Testing

Our qualified and experienced hearing professionals provide a friendly client consultation process and take time to explain testing and treatment outcomes. We listen hard to understand the situations you find difficult to hear in or where you’re exposed to noise and wish to protect your hearing. 

Hearing Aid selection, fittings and repairs

Hearing Auckland’s qualified hearing professionals expertly assess your hearing and select and fit hearing aids to suit your hearing requirements and your budget. We can organise repair services for all brands of hearing aids and in some cases may be able to attend to minor repairs onsite. Our client service team is fully trained in basic repairs and maintenance of hearing devices and can advise clients on care of hearing instruments.

Specialist referral

Hearing Auckland clinicians are able to provide you with a complete report of your results to give to both your GP and your ENT surgeon to help resolve any further medical issues.


This is the misfiring of hair cells in the hearing system, producing electrical activity which the brain interprets as the sensation of noise. Causes: Prolonged exposure to loud noise, Physiological abnormalities in the audiology in the auditory System, Physical injury. Symptoms: Hissing, roaring, whooshing, whistling in the ears or head. It can develop gradually or suddenly. Management: Through sound desensitization.