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Our audiology services include hearing tests, hearing aid fittings and hearing aid repairs. We also give advice about hearing and hearing aids. Our clinicians are fully qualified and highly experienced audiologists who are Audiologist Members of the New Zealand Audiological Society (MNZAS). We provide friendly consultations and fully explain test results and treatment possibilities. If you require hearing aids, we’ll explain funding that may be available from the Ministry of Health, the ACC or elsewhere.

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Screening Test

A screening test and discussion of results is a free 30 minute appointment. If you haven’t had a recent hearing test and are concerned that you aren’t hearing as well as you expect to a hearing screening is a good idea. This will identify whether you have a hearing loss and point the way to what further tests or treatment may be required. If you’ve had hearing tests before and want advice about what to do next, we recommend that you have a diagnostic hearing test to fully investigate the cause and potential treatments.

Diagnostic Hearing Assessment

A diagnostic hearing assessment is a 90 minute appointment that includes tests to determine the extent and site of lesion of any hearing loss, the effect on your ability to hear speech sounds and the implications of your hearing loss. We’ll discuss the results with you including recommendations for your next steps.

Hearing Needs Assessment

A Hearing Needs Assessment usually follows a diagnostic hearing assessment, or your request to see whether your hearing aids can be improved.  We’ll ask questions about your lifestyle and listening environments to understand your hearing needs. We’ll recommend how to improve your hearing based on those needs, your hearing test results, your budget and your personal style preferences. Our recommendations may include hearing aids, but if alternatives such as hearing therapy, amplified telephones or TV headsets could be more suitable we’ll recommend them. We’ll give you a written quote showing all the costs and including any funding support you’re eligible for. If we recommend hearing aids we’ll tell you about our trial period and satisfaction guarantee.

Hearing Therapy (Free Service)

Hearing Therapist services are provided by a qualified Hearing Therapist employed by Life Unlimited. Hearing Therapists provide hearing screening tests, advice about hearing aids and advice about alternate listening devices including amplified telephones, amplified or visual smoke alarms. If you aren’t ready to wear hearing aids you may benefit from learning communication skills taught be a Hearing Therapist.

A hearing therapist can help you to get the most benefit from your hearing aids and give you hands on help to insert them, to clean them, to change batteries and more.

We can book your appointment or you can book directly with Life Unlimited.

Hearing Aids

We recommend and fit hearing aids that suit your hearing needs and your budget. We are not owned by, or commercially aligned with, any hearing aid manufacturer. Our clinicians do not receive commissions or incentives to fit hearing aids, they are paid salaries to provide professional services and impartial advice.

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Hearing Aid Fitting

During your fitting appointment we’ll ensure that your hearing aids fit you physically and also fit your hearing needs. We’ll make sure that they’re comfortable to wear, and that you can manage them. We’ll programme your hearing aids to suit your hearing test results and hearing needs and give you full instructions for using and caring for them. If your hearing aids can be connected to your mobile phone or other devices we’ll do that too. Most importantly, we’ll explain how to listen with your hearing aids. At the end of the appointment we’ll arrange your first follow-up appointment about two weeks later.

Hearing Aid Trial

To ensure that you get the best results from your hearing aids, you’ll have a trial period of up to ninety days to adjust to how they sound, to test them in your listening environments, and to decide if they’re worthwhile. During your trial period we’ll see you for at least one follow-up appointment to assess your progress and to make any changes.

Hearing Aid Repairs

As well as supplying and fitting hearing aids we can make minor repairs and adjustments on site or coordinate with the manufacturer to repair your hearing aids.

Hearing Review

We recommend that people with hearing aids have regular hearing reviews. A hearing review is a 90 minute appointment for people who have hearing aids and want to make sure that they’re getting the best results from them. The appointment includes hearing tests to monitor your hearing levels and determine the extent and site of lesion of any changes to your hearing, and assessments of how well your hearing aids are performing compared to your hearing needs. We’ll discuss the results with you and make adjustments to your hearing aids if required.

Hearing Aid Funding Options

There are several funding options available for hearing aids. Hearing Auckland Audiologists are experienced with and able to access all funding options. We’ll discuss these with you and make applications on your behalf where appropriate. Read more here.

Ear Wax Removal

Our experienced Ear Hygienist or Ear Nurse will remove ear wax using microscope assisted micro-suction. This service is available only to people over the age of 16 years. A referral is not required. Appointments usually take 15 – 20 minutes.

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Musicians Earplugs

Musicians Hear Savers are special ear plugs designed to reduce the overall sound level without compromising the spectral integrity or quality of sound – especially music. They are recommended noise protection devices for all musicians, whether professionals or children playing in school bands.

Hearing Protection for Shooters

We offer a range of ear plug options that suit your special needs to hear conversation and environmental sounds, but to effectively reduce the explosive sound of gunfire.

TV Presenter’s Earpiece

We provide Custom-fit Presenter Earpieces for studio-based and roaming TV presenters. These are designed to discretely deliver clear sound directly to the ear of a presenter allowing them to hear their producer.

Hearing Aid Batteries

All sizes of hearing aid batteries are available at our clinic. You can also order by phone or email and we’ll courier them to you. We offer extra special prices when you purchase a box of 60 batteries.

Hearing Aid Consumables

We stock a comprehensive range of hearing aid consumables such as wax guards, tubes, domes, filters, and dry aid capsules.