‘Gold Card’ discounts

‘Gold Card’ discount for ear wax removal ($10 off)

Hearing Auckland continues to offer Gold Card holders specially reduced prices for most services including ear wax removal. Earwax is the most common cause of hearing loss- but it’s the easiest hearing problem to treat. Especially in winter, ear wax can build up and cause hearing loss, ear pain, and feelings of ear-fullness. Hearing Auckland’s trained ear nurses remove ear wax using microscope assisted micro-suction. Micro-suction is the safe way to remove ear wax. Call us today to book an appointment.

If you think your hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, get your ears checked for wax before you have a hearing test. If you wear hearing aids, you’re more likely to have a build-up of ear wax. This is because the piece of the hearing aids that goes into your ear canal can push ear wax back inside- stopping it from coming out naturally. Ear wax can build up at the end of the hearing aid, causing it to block even if your ear canal isn’t blocked.

Hearing Auckland’s fully qualified Audiologists are available to test your hearing and your hearing aids. We offer Gold Card discounts for most audiology appointments as well. You can book for a free screening test to ensure that your hearing has been restored by ear wax removal. You can also book comprehensive diagnostic hearing tests to fully understand the reasons for your hearing problem. If you have hearing aids, but they don’t seem to be as good as they used to be, we can check them and make any adjustments to optimise your hearing (Gold Card discount applies).

Give us a call to book appointments- we’ll help you decide what you need. (09) 524 9847

Valid 01/03 2024 – 30/04 2025