Battery recycling at Hearing Auckland

Did you know we offer hearing aid battery recycling at Hearing Auckland?

Did you know that you can donate hearing aids that are no longer needed and recycle hearing aids that are no longer able to be used?

Today is World Environment Day, so we’re celebrating by letting you know just a few of the things we’re doing at Hearing Auckland to look after our environment.

If your hearing aids use disposable batteries, don’t throw them in the bin when you’re done with them. You can collect them in a container and drop them off to us to be recycled. We will send them to Phonak NZ for their hearing aid battery recycling program. We’re open Monday-Friday from 9am-4:30pm and you’re welcome to come in anytime to drop off batteries.

We have been fortunate enough to be a part of the hearing loss community in Aotearoa for over 92 years. Over that time many clients and members of the public have trusted us with their family members’ hearing aids that they are no longer able to use. If you would like to donate some hearing aids to the clinic, please get in touch with us. We will ensure that they find a new home with someone in Aotearoa or the Pacific Islands who will benefit from your donation.

Sometimes hearing aids are broken beyond repair and are unable to be used anymore. In that case, we are able to recycle your hearing aids through e-waste recycling or upcycle them into funky jewellery that also supports hearing education.

We’ve got an amazing environment here in Aotearoa, and we’d like to do our part to protect it. Celebrate nature by recycling your hearing aids and hearing aid batteries with care. We offer these services year round, not just on World Environment Day. Come see us at 8 St Vincent Ave today.